I mean, live streams for every location

Y Combinator rejected our product

Take a Peek at popular places and stalk

We don’t care who you are

Hello… it’s me... I was wondering… ugh no

We skIpped

Hyperlocal live stream platform. so? This came from one of those accelerator programs, it’s for “Hello, I’m an entrepreneur.” dudes. Nevermind.

Peek is available on App Store and we don't give a single fuck about Google Play Store, yet.

Let me explain it in this way. Imagine you’re at home pregaming and trying to find out which place to go because you just broke up with your partner and want to find a crowded place to increase your chances. Maybe not.

Oh. Yes I am. Yes we are.

You open peek, welcoming content is people who are live now at specific locations. You go “Wow”. You’ve been waiting for this for years. You little stalker.

Then you search for the nightclub you wanted to go for weeks to see who’s live. That would adequately answer “who’s there” and “how’s the place”. Cool.

Bars, clubs, pubs, restaurants, festivals, premieres, ceremonies, private parties, exclusive events… Anywhere in the world. Now. Anywhere. Live. Now. Okay that’s enough.

Easy Sherlock. You can only go live from exactly where you are. Does that make any sense? Hopefully. You can’t do Instagram tricks like tagging yourself at a specific location to increase visibility. That’s naughty.

No followers, no friend requests, no likes, not even profiles. Just pure content. Locations and content under them. It’s realtime. You don’t take a shot, suffocate it with filters and post it after like 10 days of feedback from your friends in a Whatsapp group.

Excited enough? We feel you.

A little. We hate racists. We hate homophobics. We hate xenophobics. We hate sexists. We hate all kinds of extremist views. We know you’re not one of above, so don’t try to be one in your posts.

We don’t care if you post nudes, you are gonna most probably be flagged (btw unlike Facebook, we accept posts with female nipple, if men can women also can. We don’t understand them either, what a sham).

Dude. We don’t want your money. Just find us.